Wind Dasher

Lives in United States · Born on January 3, 1993
About Me
Hi, I'm Wind Dasher, I'm a 23 year old stallion from Cloudsdale originally, who currently lives on the edge of the everfree forest near ponyville. I enjoy the company of my friends and even random ponies, but I enjoy the company of my special somepony Aqua Marie even more than anyone. IRL I'm just a normal guy that enjoys playing video games, spending time with my girl (same one as on here!) and sleeping. That being said, I have things like cooking, working on project cars, and hanging out with friends that I enjoy. In addition I'm a major gearhead, aspiring mechanic, and general handyman. I plan on attending the police academy within the next few months and becoming a LEO shortly after completion.

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Prince Emerald

With the slight wind in the air heralding something big comming this way
Wind Dasher
Wind Dasher
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