The Stygian Emperor - Naarga The Ascended

Lives in Memphis, Tennessee United States · Born on September 5, 1993
About Me
My name's Naarga and you know I spit Raw! Anyways let me tell you right now about this drake right here, have you ever seen someone so perfect? I'll answer there for you, no you haven't. Naarga is and always will be on top of the food chain, the hill, and yo girl #Whoop! Many hate off the perfect black scales, pretty red eyes, and long powerful eh . . . tail and they should because all others fall short. To think that every female in the world that has to live with the fact that the best they could ever do is get a guy that can only live up to be 2nd best, I pity them because they weren't able to lock all of this down. But hey, I just I can keep a few of yall that want to be my little cheerleaders; I could always use some of those or even maids.

If you ever think that I'm not the greatest please feel free to email me at Naargaisgoingtokickyoassandtakeyogirlrealtalk@gmail.com I'll be sure to get back to you.

Reihk Angul - I'm your perverted twin brother from another mother
Legion - Dat Uncle Doe
Pegono Comet - Drunk brother
BEX (Pendant) - Your resentful cousin by marriage.
Rex Tigers - Brother who is a mangled monster
MC-W1SH - Mah gift giving cousin
Over Thinker - Introverted cousin
Shadow Dirge - Annoying brother-in-law who always tells me how to live my life
Cyber Eidolon - adopted stray bro that I'm are now stuck with, in a love-hate kinda way.
☽Apple☾ - Mah squishy ickle Apple-boo!
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