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Born on December 14
About Me
Big Lincoln sends you to hell!
Things about me
MOST HATED THING: Being alone & Letting people down
LIKES: Writing in his journal & Listening to Music

The Almighty Lord of Memes. Loved by countless fans. He didn't want all his fame to go to his head, so Glootch left his fans in search of a more enriching life. This is when he found Brad.
Confirmed cuties
- Me
- Also Me
- Marcus Halloway
- Sitara
- Lincoln Clay
- Terry Hintz
- Buddy Armstrong (my waifu. dont touch her or you're fucking dead.)
- Rage Ironhead
- Carp
- Beltboy
- Tsuyu Asui
- Me
- Big Lincoln
- Widdly2Diddly
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Glootch is online.
u fellas like..
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