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PhilomenaMagikz Rules

Please review our rules, it's important to us that you understand them fully.

1. No form of harassment will be tolerated here. This includes, but is not limited to: spamming a person’s PMs, attacking them in the shoutbox, circumventing blocks to continue communicating with someone, abusing the use of a third party to circumvent blocks, or calling users out for the purpose of attack. Users caught engaging in such an action may be subject to permanent ban.

2. No spamming, continued spam will result in action taken.
Blogs under 100 words will be considered spam, as a message that small may be conveyed into a status update, and filler content to artificially reach the 100 word minimum will be treated like spam. All content of a blog should be on one focus. Continually posting content with little to no meaning, or discussion value to appear on the feed more often will be considered spam.
Polls must have two clear distinct choices minimum. Poll options must not be identical or have all the options mean the same thing.
“Bandwagons” should be posted ONLY under the “Wandbagons” section of the Forums.

3. Bypassing filters of any kind intentionally is prohibited. This includes floodgates, IP bans, blocks, etc. This may result in permanent ban of your account.

4. Bug abuse of any kind is not tolerated. If you are caught using a bug to your advantage, action will be taken against you. All bugs should be reported to the staff right away.

5. Mini-modding of any kind is prohibited, this includes, but is not limited to: telling others that they will be in trouble if they do not adhere to your will, acting as a mediator in a situation where users are breaking the rules, acting as a staff member, encouraging users to come to you when they have site issues in terms of development side, or moderation side, pretending to be staff, and discouraging users to approach the staff with problems.

7. Racism will not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, however hate mongering will not be allowed here under any circumstance.

8. Causing unnecessary drama can be considered a bannable offense.

9. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated, this includes but is not limited to: unwanted sexual advances, comments, photographs, requests, etc.

10 "Second Hand" reporting is prohibited. This mainly includes telling your problems to another user, and then they send in a report or tell staff. This includes encouraging others to come to you with such site problems.

11. Encouraging others to break the rules or assisting in helping them break the rules is prohibited and a punishable offense.

12. Threats of any kind to the staff, the users, or the site itself may result in permanent ban. We have a zero tolerance policy for this. No user shall threaten the safety of any person(s) on this site. This also includes hacking threats, or threatening to cause damage to the site. All of the above can be punishable by criminal charges made against you.

13. Be mindful of other users. Respect is very important.

14. "Loopholing" can be punishable. Loop holing is the act of attempting to point out holes in wording of the rules to try to avoid getting into trouble. If a rule is truly too vague to be understood, you must provide evidence to support it if you are caught breaking that rule. Loopholing for the sake of trying to avoid getting into trouble where it is found you have no actual evidence to support you did not understand the rule will result in harsher punishment. All reports are judged on a case-by-case basis because there is no exact science to handling people breaking the rules. We judge based upon intent. If it was clear you intended to do the wrong thing, loopholes will not prevent you from being in trouble. As stated above, it will only increase your punishment.

15. Please credit any artwork that you post on the site within a 24 hour time-limit. Refusing to do so will result in the picture getting removed (Note: that Screencaps from the show itself or memes do not need to be credited

16: Do not use CSS or any form of editing a profile to hide the block button or the dropdown menu, and do not change the user info, such as user rank, and profile views. Everything must be left alone, with the exception of sign up date.

17:political Debates stay within the forums.
Aside from 'meme' pictures, any and all arguments trying to start a flame war up will removed.

18: Fetishes, whether in the form of posting of artwork, to text posts, are not allowed in any part of the site save for Private Messages. This includes any common fetish, including such things as diapers or a fat fetish. If the focus of something is said fetish, then it goes down. A character has socks but it's just a cute picture otherwise, whatever, it can stay. If it's of sexual nature, or a focus on a fetish, it's down.

Content Rules

You are permitted to upload media of all types, however you have guidelines that should be followed for each category are as followed:

Suitable for All:

-Content is suitable for a young child.
-Content has no gore, torture, sexual imagery, or profanity.
-Content may not be creepy or disturbing in any way.
-Birthday games may not contain suggestive material of any kind.

Mature (Warning):

-Content is suitable for teenagers.
-Content must not show usage of illegal drugs.
-Content must not contain Extreme gore,Minor gore is fine.
-Content can contain blood.
-Content must stay PG-13, Porn and other such things of that nature will be deleted on site.
-Content can contain "Dark Humor".

No mature content above the levels specified above may be uploaded, linked or otherwise shared on this site. Doing so will result in immediate action. Cropped versions of sexual images are allowed, as long as the cropped version is not suggestive, nor could one tell just by looking at it that it can be NSFW. Should it be easy to infer that the image is cropped from NSFW, it will be removed.

General Forum Rules

1. All site rules apply in the forum.

2. Threads made intended to be for teen audiences (I.e. Mature (Warning) tag) must be marked as “NSFW” within the title. Failing to do so, or posting such threads in any Non-NSFW forum will result in action from the staff.

3. Please try to exercise decent grammar when in the forums. It makes it easier for everyone to understand you, and follow conversation.

4. No hijacking threads. This includes “derailing”, and can result in disciplinary action.

5. Keep posts relevant to the topic.

6. Spam will not be tolerated in any form.

7. Please avoid double posting, there is an edit feature.

8. Thread creators exhibit some authority over own threads.

9. Respect the Librarians (Forum Staff), should you have a problem with one of them, please see Hirari(Sleepyhead) or Echo. Our Head Librarians.


Please note that: The staff at PhilomenaMagikz are not responsible for what our users do off of the site. While yes, they are our responsibility on this site, it does not mean that we're responsible for them on every other site as well. This means we will not take action if a user says something crude to you on a site like Facebook. We do not have any power outside of this site, so take it up with the staff/Admins on the site where the user is harassing you.

Any posts that do not meet site rules, or are deemed inappropriate, may be subject to deletion, and disciplinary action taken.

Staff decisions should be respected. If you have a complaint about a decision made, you may take it up to a higher staff member.

Any monetary transactions made using the site’s marketplace, or communication systems are not in relation to the staff. However, if you have been scammed, the person scamming you may be subject to disciplinary action if you take your case up with the staff.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse to break them.

If you allow someone to use your account, you are taking the risks. If anyone uses your account to break the rules, you too will be subject to their punishment. Your account is your responsibility, don’t abuse it.

Circumventing a ban of any kind will result in a permanent ban.

Edit as of October 1st, 2015:
PhilomenaMagikz is not owned by or is affiliated with Hasbro or DHX Media.

All rights belong to their respective owners. No Copyright infringement intended.

My little Pony™: Friendship is Magic and their characters are owned by: Hasbro Studios® and DHX Media®, And Lauren Faust.

This site is not profiting off of these characters/And or is not selling illegal Merchandise based on these characters.

The Name "PhilomenaMagikz" is rightfully owned by the owners of this site and holds all copyrights for it.