Scarlett Skyblaze™

Lives in Canterlot, Arizona United States · Born on February 21, 1996
About Me
I'm a story writer, I can think of many interesting things to write in a story, but for some reason I can't use that in rps Facehoof

I also like to read books in my spare time, especially when I go camping with my family

I'm also a major gamer, especially in RTS games like Command & Conquer, I also play other games like Pokèmon, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Halo, Saints Row, GTA, and many others that I can't remember on the spot

If you or some pony you know has a character but can't think of a backstory or something, just let me know and I might be able to help

Xbox live Gamertag: rcticwolf
Cloudsdale cloud: http://www.cloudsdale.org/clouds/TheBeyond
Kik username: rcticwolf
Facebook: Austin Bullis
Deviantart: rcticwolf
Skype: give me your username and I'll find you
Ponysquare: Serenity Song


Awesome ponies list:
My bestest best best friend on PhM is Musicnotes, she's awesome
Another great friend is Acrylic Splash, but I call her Splashy
A very old friend I had back on Ibrony Crystal the MH53E sea dragon

My character backstories:

This is me and my daughter Serenity, she's an amazing singer

This is me and my best friends, Parkourbrony97, Basswave97, and Rinu
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