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How well do you know the real me?
June 15, 2017 by
Wanted to see how ya'll do. First to 100% gets a free drawing good luck.
Prince  Carey
How well do you know me?
June 15, 2017 by
Win and i'll leave site {;
Kane Rises™ Servent of th
Tolkien lore quiz
March 26, 2017 by
Some easy, some might be difficult for those that are not deep into the lore
March 5, 2017 by
I got nothing :/ Boredom is fun
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A different but predictable quiz
January 21, 2017 by
Bandwagon! So because I'm bored I was like, "Huh, lets take this quiz" and now after attempting said quiz, I'm making my own. Why? Reasons, the best of reasons. Only naturally reasonable best of reasons! Bandwagon of course.
Dingo Tits
predictable quiz
January 21, 2017 by
Let's be honest here, you guys really should of expected this kind of thing at this time of year, im only doing mine now to get it out of the way and forget about it quicker, while also suffering light mocking at the hands of my friends. are you date
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January 2, 2017 by
Do you know me. If you get all these right. Cool. If not no worries you learned a thing... Good for you. :D