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Heaven Beat Paragon of Si
Posted January 31, 2015 by Heaven Beat Paragon of Sin
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How do you feel when someone flirts with you even though you're in a relationship?To me,I think it's weird and kinda annoys me.:T


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Princess Autumn Starlight™
Posted February 2, 2015 by Princess Autumn Starlight™
If I'm in a relationship then I would be flattered but I would tell them thank you but I'm in a relationship already and leave it at that.

Honestly I don't see the problem with flirting, If the person doesn't know you're in a relationship then it's okay, But if they do know and they keep doing it then it's a problem and you need to tell them again.

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Lightning of the Old Guar
Posted January 31, 2015 by Lightning of the Old Guard
Tell them that I'm with someone, but be nice about it as well

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Posted October 14, 2015 by DJ™
I've never had anyone flirt with me or I'm too stupid to notice it so I probably wouldn't mind

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Posted January 31, 2015 by Gleamy
I don't really have a good understanding if someone is flirting with me or not, so I'd probably let them and not pay it any attention until I knew for sure they were flirting.
Even if I notice though, I'd probably not say anything. I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings... I sometimes start talking about who I'm with like crazy in hopes that they'll get the hint, but I'll never directly state if the person I'm talking about is my boyfriend.

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Posted January 31, 2015 by Pritalicious
I would just let them, if they try to go further, I would tell them I'm taken.
But if they keep insisting, then I'll just have to ignore them.