Basic animation program?

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Posted June 17, 2017 by Jester
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So, I'm looking for a program for basic animations. I just want a YouTube channel intro, similar to the likes of Gore&Perkins or Ssundee. Any suggestions?

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U m i e
Posted June 18, 2017 by U m i e
I use Gimp 2 for making regular gifs

But a program for making videos, a few years ago I used a program which was called Flash, I think it's called Adobe Animate now, or Adobe Premiere Elements not sure. Then there's also Vegas Pro (I really liked that one for editing videos)

And the free ones, I know about Pencil2D, and another one is called ZS4 Video Editor.

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Rainbow Dash
Posted June 23, 2017 by Rainbow Dash
Macromedia flash professional 8 is a good one. That's what I use for my channel. And it's real cheap and good quality. If ya need getting a serial code for it I'm here.

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Posted June 21, 2017 by Acry
I use FireAlpaca, it's usually just a free art program, but ya can activate an onion skin and then the layers become frames. However, there's no puppet capabilities, so I dunno how good it will be for ya.

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Vinyl Dash
Posted June 20, 2017 by Vinyl Dash
Looking at the gore & perkins channel I can tell you that style of animation is called motion graphics by those in the industry, and it is usually done in Adobe After Effects. Vegas pro could also work but I haven't used it so couldn't say.

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ImBroken (Polar Swirl 彡)
Posted June 18, 2017 by ImBroken (Polar Swirl 彡)
Flash should be a basic one, for actual animating. But otherwise that Vegas thing? That's what my friends used for intros