Lives in Ukraine · Born on April 26, 1986
About Me
Greetings unlearned citizens of the not-so-deep web! I am Shobadoby, the Sesame Squeeze. I am disaster incarnate; my soul is made up of most things wrong with the world, and is contained in the squishy, less-than-menacing shell that is my tangible form.

I love you all, because you are all meat, and I am also partially comprised of the meats.

When you speak to me, I ask that you please use considerable amounts of caution, as my emotions are known to be a rather violent reactor when stirred. After all, you can't imagine the stress that goes along with the burden of burgerdom. I can't tell you the frustration that comes with shooing away birds every time I go outside. It would be a real shame if one of the meats I add to myself had to be human. =(

There is a melting pot of visual and auditory redundancy to be found behind the mutated floodgates that are my heartbeats and I implore the lot of you to delve as far in as humanly (or burgerly) possible.

My interests include cannibalism, short-range ballistic missile deflection (NOT ENOUGH SPEED FOR THE SEED), swingset disassembly, and Force of Will. Questions? Answers? Ask and tell!


I like card games! If you also like card games, and if you would like to play card games sometime, I am available for the following simulators:

YGOPro/DevPro: Zeldafreak98
Legacy of the Duelist (PS4): Shortstuff995
Duel Links: Shortstuff125

Cards and Castles: zeldafreak98, shortstuff25, ChopChop

Magic Duels (Steam): zeldafreak98
^ I suck at Magic so you'll probably wreck me -3-

Hearthstone: zeldafreak98, shortstuff25

Shadowverse: Zeldafreak98, Shortstuff25

Chronicle: Zeldafreak98

Skype for any game: fluttershyisbestponi
^ Video duels are always fun, just make sure you know how to angle your camera so I can see your field. Laugh
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Ah I love being the healer on a team of Hanzo, Widowmaker, Genji, Junkrat and McCree

G E T O N T H E P O I N T M 8
> my friend and I can now identify WWE ytps by hearing a split second from across the room

This is probably a bad thing
Holy crap I'm getting paired with the top 50 worldwide consistently and winning consistently in cards and castles, I've never been top tier before o3o
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Holy crap I made it to top 100!
  • July 27, 2017
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