Hello, I do not have much to say here, because It is not much fun if I give everything about me away in a single post... Okay, maybe I'm just a guy with few words..

First thing... You are reading this in my voice now, and now you can't stop...

Secondly.. Hi, I am Garrus, and I drink.. Wait, this isn't a therapy session. I am a new face here, and I am looking forward to meeting faces that are new to me. I wont be on that much though, and I don't do a lot of Role Playing.. Now now, I still Role play.. Just not very much.
You've sacrificed your innocence, sanity, money, valuables and your virignity but saying this.

Don't ask how you lost that last one, it happens to everyone.

I think.

I hope.
Hi Garrus!
Hello there.
Hello, Pony's.

Hello, Pony's.
Normally thats Shepard saying this is my favoirte store on the citadal but welcome anyway please enjoy your stay Smile
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