minty (the extreme klutz, the g3 equivalent of derpy) has the save voice actor as thistle whistle, wisteria, fiesa flare, gen 3 scootaloo, and gen 4 rarity.

spike being in love with rarity is an interesting coincidence, because spike's voice actor played rarity in gen 3, and also, rarity in g3 was a baby unicorn, possibly around spike's age, whereas g3 spike was the older one, especially since he slept for 1000 years.

wisteria can be seen as a paralell to fluttershy, as they both have quiet voices that can be loud if needed, both are passionate about something in nature (fluttershy loves animals, wisteria loves flowers), and purple is the inverted color of yellow (though obviously they don't have inverted shades)

kathleen barr (queen chrysalis, trixie) voiced the infamous sweetberry, who was known for describing EVERYTHING with "sweet".

if you have any interesting g3 trivia, share if you like.

basically made this to put SOMETHING into the gen 1-3 section, since i became a brony during gen 3. i was a brony before bronies were cool. Hipster
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I'll throw down on some Gen 1-3 topics, seeing as I own every single episode of those generations on DVD xD

Trivia for Gen 3:

There are in fact male ponies in Gen 3, they appear only in one episode, which I believe was the "Twinkle Wish Adventure" one.

The entirety of Gen 3 was animated by the Chinese.

Spike is a rapper who can throw down some phat beats, in the Live-Action movie.

Gen 3 confirms that Scootaloo has a family: her older sister is Cheerilee.
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