Anyone else see this? I won't post it here because I don't think the big guys would like it, but its hella weird, like the essence of everything weird in Japan. If you didn't understand it (And hell, I don't blame you!) Its about what Addiction to Hentai so far as being a Shut-in, does to a person. Abandoning Love, work and friends to satisfy yourself until it drowns you (The video does put that more literally doesnt it?) but if you go too far in, no matter how hard you try, you have no friends or loved ones to pull you out of your addiction, and you will just sink deeper, inescapable... I thought this deserved a topic seeming as even though it is very... exposed.... and weird, it holds an important message to those who regularly watch pornography. Feel free to watch it yourself and draw your own conclusions, But I must warn you its very VERY 18+ so no deepness for you kiddies!
>10 Minutes

I don't want to imagine the amount of lines this might be treading on...
I LOVE IT fangirl2
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I'm lost. I lost my map back at normality junction, so if you could give me directions to the nearest Walmart, that's be great.
When I first saw it I thought the guy was dumped so he watched porn,played video games and other stuff but his love for the female ate him whole.ono It kinda makes sense if you think about it..I LOVE THE MUSIC CHANGE THOUGH.IT IS AMAZING.
~hb is a slut :^)~
The music is pretty freaking cool but the rest leaves me like wHAT???
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