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1. Do you ever doubt the existence of others than you?
2. On a scale of 1-5, how afraid of the dark are you?
3. The person you would never want to meet?
4. What is your favorite word?
5. If you were a type of tree, what would you be?
6. When you looked in the mirror this morning what was the first thing you thought?
7. What shirt are you wearing?
8. What do you label yourself as?
9. Bright room or dark room?
10. What were you doing at midnight last night?
11. Favorite age you’ve been so far?
12. Who told you they loved you last?
13. Your worst enemy?
14. What is your current desktop picture?
15. Do you like someone?
16. The last song you listened to?
17. You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Who would you blow up?
18. Who would you really like to just punch in the face?
19. If anyone could be your slave for a day, who would it be and what would they have to do?
20. What is your best physical attribute? (showing said attribute is optional)
21. If you were the opposite biological sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?
22. Do you have a secret talent? If yes, what is it?
23. What is one unique thing you’re afraid of?
24. You can only have one kind of sandwich. Every sandwich ingredient known to humankind is at yourl
25. You just found $100! How are you going to spend it?
26. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, but you have to leave immediately. Where are you going to go?
27. An angel appears out of Heaven and offers you a lifetime supply of the alcoholic beverage of your choice. “Be brand-specific” it says. Man! What are you gonna say about that? Even if you don’t drink booze there’s something you can figure out… so what’s it gonna be?
28. You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society. You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place?
29. What is your favorite expletive?
30. Your house is on fire, holy shit! You have just enough time to run in there and grab ONE inanimate object. Don’t worry, your loved ones and pets have already made it out safely. So what’s the one thing you’re going to save from that blazing inferno?
31. You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?
32. You got kicked out of the country for being a time-traveling heathen who sleeps with celebrities and has super-powers. But check out this cool shit… you can move to anywhere else in the world!
33. The Celestial Gates Of Beyond have opened, much to your surprise because you didn’t think such a thing existed. Death appears. As it turns out, Death is actually a pretty cool entity, and happens to be in a fantastic mood. Death offers to return the friend/family-member/person/etc. of your choice to the living world. Who will you bring back?
34. What was your last dream about?
35. Are you a good….[insert anything you’d like here]?
36. Have you ever been admitted to the hospital?
37. Have you ever built a snowman?
38. What is the color of your socks?
39. What type of music do you like?
40. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
41. What is your favorite milkshake flavor?
42. Do you care about sports at all?
43. Do you have any scars?
44. What do you want to be when you graduate?
45. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
46. Are you reliable?
47. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?
48. Do you hold grudges?
49. If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would you create?
50. What is the most unusual conversation you’ve ever had?
51. Are you a good liar?
52. How long could you go without talking?
53. What has been you worst haircut/style?
54. Have you ever baked your own cake?
55. Can you do any accents other than your own?
56. What do you like on your toast?
57. What is the last thing you drew a picture of?
58. What would be you dream car?
59. Do you sing in the shower? Or do anything unusual in the shower? Explain.
60. Do you believe in aliens?
61. Do you often read your horoscope?
62. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
63. Which is cooler: dinosaurs or dragons?
64. What do you think about babies?
65. Freebie! Ask anything interesting you can think of.
1. No
2. 4
3. X
4. Games
5. Willow
6. Its been 26 hours since I woke up
7. Work shirt
8. Depressed
9. Dark
10. Working
11. 14
12. Mother
13. Me
14. Diggity Dungeons And All That
15. Yes
16. One Trick Pony - Living Tombstone
17. Me
18. Me
19. X
20. Strength
21. Dunno
22. Maybe
23. Myself
24. Turkey, provolone, mayo, hoagie rolls
25. Save it
26. No where
27. Jack-Daniels
28. Death Penalty
29. Too many
30. Computer
31. My existence
32. Same place, different time
33. Death Itself
34. N/A
35. Yes
36. No
37. No
38. White
39. Techno
40. Sunset
41. Birthday cake
42. No
43. Yes
44. Already graduated
45. Only one? My weight
46. Very
47. When do I die?
48. Not really
49. bird/pig flying pigs; heaven bacon
50. Dunno
51. No
52. A week
53. Short
54. No
55. Yes
56. More toast
57. Pony
58. N/A
59. Yes, sing
60. Yes
61. No
62. D
63. Dragons
64. Meh
65. Why?
1. yes all the time
2. 3
3. no idea
4. "stop"
5. a piece of paper ];
6. "my hair wack"
7. a sweater i wear literally all the time
8. a weeb
9. bright (natural light)
10. sleeping........
11. 6
12. my mom i love my mom
13. REI
14. enlarged scott pilgrim panel
15. yis
16. gokuraku jodo
17. REI
18. REI
19. luke......id make him be my foot stool
20. my tiny hands???
21. literally no idea lmao
22. not really, i dont do much ]:
23. granny hands..
24. wh
25. id spend it on a decent mic please i need one
26. NIPPON..
28. no furries allowed
29. bumfuck
30. my hamster,, wait, hes a loved one,,,,,,,,,and hes not inanimate
mm.. laptop??
31. the entirety of grade 6
32. pls nippon
33. smash mouth's vocalist
34. i dont remember last night's dream but the only dream i remember is a couple nights ago i dreamed my parents and i went to dinner with post malone for some reason
35. i think i am a good
36. nop
37. nop, havent even seen snow
38. one is blue and the other one is white
39. literally no idea
40. both equally..
42. no
43. yes.....but stupid ones with stupid stories
44. freelance artist??
45. change my entire face
46. i think so yes
47. how much money u makin??
48. YES i am holding one on pretty much everyone i know irl because im salty rip
49. a bunny and a.........................lizard
50. [chat log of every person ive ever spoken to]
51. yes ]:
52. idk.. im a quiet person but i always feel the need to make sarcastic comments sometimes
53. i have never had a bad haircut :^]
54. no.. lazy
55. yis..
56. PEANUtbutter..
57. someone's horse oc thing mlp pony whatwhat junk thinger
58. tractor
59. i sing weeb songs when im home alone
60. maybe?
61. heck no
62. Q
63. dragons!!!!!1
64. ugly shrimp sloths
65. poopoo peepee
1. Nope
2. 2
3. No cliue
4. Fuck as in fuck you not the action itself
5. I have no idea
6. I need to shave
7. Plain White t shirt
8. Lazy
9. Dark
10. Watching youtube
11. 7 before i lost a good friend
12. My girlfriend
13. Dont really have one
14. Csgo picture
15. I have a gf
16. Looptroop - dont hate the player
17. None
18. People who were assholes to me years back
19. I dont really know, cuz i dont need a slave xD
20. Im heavy so not easy to push around i guess xD
21. Be prettier than i am now and explore things
22. Not that i know of
23. Being alone
24. Chicken, lettuce, cucumber in said sandwich nothing Else c:
25. Save it unless i know who dropped it
26. murica
27. Soda with 0.0001% alcohol
28. Be yourself
29. Asshat i guess
30. Computer
31. the bullying i Think tbh
32. Japan
33. I dont have anyone i lost i want back unless i havent been told
34. Me having a sexy time with a girl
35. Gamer
36. Dno
37. Yes
38. White
39. All kinds
40. Sundet
41. Chocolate
42.esports yes, normal sports, Well running/cycling is alright to perform
43. Yes
44. Pro gamer Tbh.
45. my bad habits
46. i would say yes
47.how i Got to said spot Being how i am.
48. Not really.
49. lizard n a massive bird cuz dragon LUL
50about sexual stuff that was rather weird
51. Possibly
Further than most
53. I get same cut always so Idk
54. Nope
55. Yes
56. Just ham
57. Last thing i drew was for a control panel
58. I dont know
59. I stand n enjoy the water for sometime after washing
60. Nop
61. Nop
62. Æ, Ø or Å cause fuck the english alphabet xD
63. Dragons
64 i want to have one with my girl when were ready
65. Did i do too much?
1. What the hell does that even mean?

2. 1

3. Myself. I'm a dick.

4. Fuck

5. Sequoia

6. "Another day, another penny."

7. White.

8. A straight white male. Everyone hates us, we're cancer.

9. Dark

10. Wishing I could sleep.

11. 18, my current age.

12. My mother.

13. Myself.

14. My car.

15. No.

16. Cold by Crossfade.

17. Whoever started Third Wave Feminism

18. Sean King

19. I don't need help, I'm a man.

20. My face, I'm gorgeous.

21. Myself. I would admire my newly acquired attributes.

22. The ability to piss anyone off.

23. Third Wave Feminism.

24. Turkey & mayo.

25. I won't.

26. England.

27. I don't drink. I'm not even 21.

28. There are only 2 genders.

29. Fuck.

30. My wallet.

31. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

32. England.

33. My grandfather

34. War

35. Good person? I try.

36. Who hasn't?

37. Yes

38. White

39. Metal & Rap.

40. Sunsets.

41. Cookies and Cream

42. Yes

43. Yes

44. Meteorologists.

45. Blue eyes instead of hazel, so my Aryan jokes would actually be funny.

46. You bet your ass.

47. Why?

48. Depends on what you did.

49. A fishman.

50. Too many weird ones to count.

51. I can be.

52. Forever.

53. Bald.

54. Yes.

55. Yes.

56. Butter & Jelly.

57. A face.

58. Audi A8

59. I contemplate life

60. Yes, illegal aliens. Fuckin' beaners.

61. No.

62. J.

63. Dragons.

64. I think that my son will be as crazy as me and my daughter will be locked in the highest room of the tallest tower, so when Prince Charming shows up, I'll put a boot in his ass.

65. Was this fun?: No, but it was a decent timekiller.
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