Hey there. My name is Lance. I've lived in the grey wastes for the last decade of my life. During my time out there I've taken the chance to learn all I can about what kind of monsters live out there. Some of this information I've gathered myself through fights and careful observation. The rest comes, second hand, from someone who has fought what I haven't. Some of it just feels like its straight out of legend, and maybe some of it is. But a good deal of what I've written here, I can vouch for. I started this journal in hopes that It would help keep people safe in the wastes by showing them what to expect out here. that all for now. Stay safe out there.
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Weapons: Claws, and teeth
Magic: None
Background: Sprinters Origins are a mystery, But what they can do is no secret. Sprinters Will stand still for weeks on end. This helps them to use as little energy as possible. Then when they detect possible prey nearby they use everything thing they have in a desperate attempt to get a meal. They are fast, agile, and strong. They use their long claws to slash and there teeth to tear out chunks of their prey. The have no ears, eyes, or nose and hunt by sensing vibrations, in the air and in the earth. In battle they feel no pain or fear. The only way to stop one is to Thoroughly destroy its head, even if the head becomes separated it will continue its attack as best it can.
Other: If someone is bitten by a Sprinter, and survives but does not have the wound treated, they gradually lose themselves to hunger and one day stop moving, standing in place till they find a something that looks tasty. This is an effect of the grey unique to Sprinters. no other monster has the ability to transform other living things into monsters.

Name: Crawler
Weapons: Scythe like claws, mouth, and legs
Magic: Can conure mystic lights that are used to distract and confuse
Background: Not much is known about Crawlers. They are large, standing twice as tall as a full grown man, with sharp blade like claws, and a mouth full of razor teeth. They have multiple eyes, each one capable of focusing on a different target. They can conjure up magical lights to Dazzle their prey or confuse them. They prefer ambush and trap tactics but are Dangerous fighters and known for being very cunning. They mostly hunt by sight and have excellent vision
Other: They are rather fragile but there size and ability to fight many people at once makes them Hazardous to fight.

Weapons: Chains, and stomping
Magic: Drain magic
Background: Keepers are the largest monsters that roam the wastes. Standing nearly 25 feet tall. They were one of the first to appear after the grey started its slow march across Lythinara. Keepers are Seen as one of the most terrifying. Their name comes from the fact that they carry multiple Iron cages on their persons. They will capture and hold humans, animals, or other monsters in these cages, Then over the space of a few weeks they will drain the life from the individuals in the cages. Its said that if this happens to you that your soul will eternally be bound inside of the Monsters body, eternal pain and darkness. But since dead men tell no tales, this has never been confirmed.
Other: Keepers Are very rare, There are only supposed to be a handful of them and they only roam near the coastline

Weapons: Claws, Teeth, and Bladed tail
Magic: Sonic Waves
Background: Howlers are Four legged Monsters that are always on the move. They hunt in packs of two. They are notable for their Stamina, and ability to shrug off seemingly fatal wounds. They are about the size of a horse, and have sharp scales covering their backs. There claws and Bladed tails make for effective weapons, but in the most dire situations they can turn to their trump card and name sake. There howls, and magically enhanced to the point where the sound waves can Cause people to become dizzy, and in some cases even temporarily ruin a person's hearing and sense of balance. They hunt using sense of smell primarily but have good eyesight and hearing too.
Other: Howlers are by far the most developed pack hunting monster that the wastes are home too. They have advanced communication skills, and can make Complex strategies for hunting.

Name: Juggernaut
Weapons: Fists and tail, rarely teeth
Magic: none
Background: Hulking Beasts, They can be anywhere between 7 feet and 15, they can Weigh as much as 1200 pounds. They have Tough hides, stronger that steel. Aside from their size and hard skin, they are incredibly strong, their fists are powerful enough to collapse buildings and crush boulders, and pull trees right out of the earth. They dont so much hunt as run into things by chance. They have decent eyesight but their other senses aren't great.
Other: These hulks of the wastes, while having tough armor and immense strength, they are slow moving most the time, but if they get up to momentum, stay out of their way.

Name: Shambler
Weapons: Claws, hooves, fangs, antlers, horns, body spikes, tails, fists, ect.
Magic: None
Background: Shamblers have no true form, They are just Gelatinous masses that seek out food. They are primarily scavengers but once they are old enough they can start hunting. The main trait that sets Shamblers apart from other monsters is that they keep can keep the bones of what they eat, and use them to create their own skeletal structure. Because of this Shamblers come in many strange and twisted shapes. Due to there mismatched skeletons, they are often slow and awkward. They may have a variety of traits, depending on what bones they have chosen.
Other: Shamblers are particularly hard to kill since there bodies are mostly Gelatin. They Can not heal their bones though, and when broken they either leave them behind or find new ways to incorporate the broken bones

Name: Sentinel
Weapons: Teeth, Magic, claws
Magic: Displacement magic, move things through space instantaneously
Background: Sentinels, are short, unpleasant, and very intelligent. They are called Sentinels because they usually guard gates, doors, bridges, anywhere that someone may want to pass through. They have dangerous magic that would make them the number one worst monster to encounter, except they operate under rules. Sentinels will ask riddles to travelers who want to pass through “their domain” if one answers correctly, you pass unharmed. If you answer wrong, there's no hope for you.
Other: Sentinels all have there own rules, they are always willing to play dirty but never break their own rules

Name: Stalkers
Weapons: Teeth
Magic: Full spectrum. They have no eyes, ears or nose. Rather they have perfect vision. They can see where ever they want to and nothing can be hidden from them using magic or other means.
Background: Stalkers are rather timid creatures. Only about the size of medium sized dogs, they prefer to wait for there prey to die, in large numbers however they will attack. The small scavengers, rely only on their teeth for attack but have, the ability to see what and where ever they want. Some even suspect that some stalkers even can see when.
Other: Stalkers are acrobatic and quick. If they run away dont chase them. They will often lead travelers towards local hazards that will bring quick deaths to the unwary

Name: Shaman
Weapons: Quad sickles
Magic: Conjuration, Elemental
Background: Shaman are considered the most dangerous monsters you can encounter in the wastes. They are short, only about 5 feet tall. They don't eat or sleep, and they seem to recover from most any wound instantaneously. The thing that makes them most dangerous is there magic. All shaman Have advanced conjuration magic, along with one type of elemental megic. Shaman all glow with an aura of magic at all times, the color of the aura can be used to tell what element they preside over. Shaman don't hunt, they simply kill, seemingly for no reason, though I think, they kill for the enjoyment.
Other: There are only 8 shaman in existence. Each one has control over one of the 8 major types of Elemental magic. Fire, water/ice, wind, earth, lightning, growth, light, and dark.
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