Light radiant as the sun, the future is ever bright before me and this new path that i walk. I look back and I see all that has happened in the past but the sun vanquish the darkness before me and overflows me with the love of friendship, I use to think that ignorance and pride was the way and I was wrong;

So light radiant this is the new me, can't you see that I have a fresh new start before me, the darkness has past and day is breaking. Let me celebrate an new day before me and go forward onto the breach, I can't be beaten because the light of friendship is flowing from me like a river.

Light ever so Radiant this is the new me and I am content to make an fresh new start; Light radiant, let us have a brand new start. Yet i see the straight and narrow way but I know i won't travel alone for the light of friendship guides me as well as those, can't you see light ever so radiant that this is the new me.

[i am still working on this and this just came to me this, song represents the personal journey i am undergoing. I don't know if my talent is in writing and composing wondrous works of art or composing wondrous poetry but i will work long and hard on this piece of music please don't steal or use without permission]
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