I just want to know why people act like Donald Trump is just as bad as Hillary Clinton.
I know Donald Trump has said a lot of stuff and he has a big ego and everything but what exactly has he done or said that makes him just as terrible as Hillary Clinton?

The only things I ever see against Trump are the things he's said. And when I see stuff against Hillary, they're about the terrible shit she's DONE.

The reason I ask is because I see people rant on what an evil bitch Hillary is and then they're like "But I'm not for Trump. Fuck Trump also." or they say "I'd prefer Hillary over Trump. Now let me tell you about how completely awful Hillary is" and then I'm like "So how has Trump said or done ANYTHING close to being as bad as THAT!?" Y U NO?
Mostly Trump's... Xenophobic personality and policies.
And alot of what they say Hilary did, like the Email thing, has gone through the FBI and turned up nothing
(Had a big impact on the election, but I don't see anyone prosecuting the had of the FBI for breaking that little clause about influencing elections -_-)

Oh and plus that wall.
Nah, y'can't make Mexico pay for it in any way possible, which means if it's built, which Trump is SERIOUS about, then Americans will be paying it off for generations to come.
Washington State is attempting to sue President Jabba the Trump for unconstitutional actions; like barring aliens from Muslim countries except the Christians. This is not only dangerous since Terrorists can fake being a Christian, but this is in theory not taking the Constitution seriously and violating the first amendment; freedom of religion.
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