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"They have been planning this for months." Occlus replied as they walked up the ramp to his starship, which was docked overlooking the Valley Of The Dark Lords. "The initial assault has already begun, Darth Arckous will brief you on the fleet."

//I'm confused on where she shall go

//I'm confused on where she shall go

(Into the starship for now, of course)
Jester said...

(Into the starship for now, of course)

//ok sorry, from what I read it seemed I should make Raven look for this darth arc dude//

Looking back one last time at the home she almost always knew in her lifetime she gave a soft sigh before stepping on the metal ramp following her new master and following her new destiny. The starship was pretty bare like most ships were, not like any of them were full of priceless decorations anyway.
Name: Nevizkas/morningstar
Gender: M
Age: 24
Race: Human
Appearance: ,
Allegiance: Darkside
Personality: Unlike any other, sith Nevizkas has a laid back personality and only seeks to better himself and to learn from his failings and experience, however at first he can come off a cocky and prideful.
Backstory: Navizkas grew up in the harsh slums of coruscant from a very young age, he stole credits from people just to get by in his day to day life. At times this had gotten him enough trouble with the law that he had to go to jail, being a child the courts would take mercy on him and place him in an orphanage but he'll always run away from it.

He'll once again be out on the streets stealing credits, till one day he stole from a sith who was seeking out force sensitive to take back with him. It so happened that he was one of these users, he had two choices to go with the sith or be killed right on the spot for daring to steal from a sith. He chose to go with him to the sith temple where his training was to begin as well as his new life, due to his failings his master would scar him with lighting or worse burn him with a lightsaber this caused him to hide his appearance by wearing a suit and helmat. However, under the cover of night, he chose to kill his master in his sleep in order to get revenge for the mistreatment he had suffered at his hands since then he has been meditating inside of the sith temple while avoiding his trails.
Weapon/s: standard issued sith training lightsaber
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