Since the time of yore, witches and wizards alike have attended the various schools of magic. The best of which, only accept the best of the best they could find. Though most attend the lower schools.

Rising among them are the students of Madam Guinevere's Academy. The students that come here are of all levels of talent, but the students that leave invariably are unmatched by any other in their skills. The best thing the Academy has to offer is it's diversity in magical studies. Everything from summoning, to healing, to the black arts. Only the forbidden arts, or Dark Arts, are not given instruction. Students here learn to master their respective arts, and gain an understanding of the fields they don't specialize in. Every field has its shortcomings and weaknesses however, so choose wisely, young one. For once you begin your journey, all of your time will be devoted to specializing in your field.


Welcome to the Academy! If you wish to join, there are but a few simple steps:

First- Fill out an application to the academy stating the following:
1) Your Name (character's name)
2) Your age (can be anywhere from 12 to 17)
3) Your gender
4) Your Magical Device (I.E: Staff, wand, rod ect. & material used to construct it)
5) Your Familiar (A list of acceptable species for familiars is listed below)
6) Your personality
7) Your Appearance

Second- Submit your application to the appropriate field you wish to study in

Third- Upon acceptance, you will be assigned to a house that best fits you, and you to the house in question.


List of acceptable species to be kept as familiars:
Small lizards

Examples of commonly used materials for staves, rods, and wands
Black River Birch

*accent material ONLY. Metals have been known to marginally increase the effects of spells (particularly silver and mythril), but are notoriously unusable as a main material. Most mages prefer to use only woods to fashion their magical devices.