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Me: All you really need to know is that I'm a very caring guy.
Sirgh: That's it?
Me: What do you mean that's it?
Sirgh: No background story? No characteristics?
Me: I gave a characteristic.
Sirgh: Anybody could say that they're a caring person! You need to say something unique about yourself. Something that when people see it, they think, "Hey. That sounds just like my best pal, Sirgh. He's a cool guy."
Me: Fine. I live on a sunny island were all I do is drink coconuts and watch hot girls in bikinis from a distance.
Sirgh: Something that's true idiot.
Me: What is their to say?! I live a boring life. I work then come home and play video games til 4 in the morning! Nothing special. Just a regular day in the life of me.
Sirgh: Nothing? What about soccer? Swimming? You do those!
Me: Well yeah I play soccer every Sunday. But Swimming is only in the summer! Besides, most Americans play Football. Not a lot of them care about soccer.
Sirgh: You never know.
Me: I know, but usually it's the same thing. Football is where it's at apparently. Though, I shouldn't be a hypocrite. I do like the Eagles.
Sirgh: See? There's more to you!
Me: I guess so. Like I can find true love on here?
Sirgh: Now you look desperate.
Me: Really? Damn. Even if I told people I was straight?
Sirgh: Especially, if you said that. Everyone would think that's all you are here to do.
Me: Well really all I'm here to do is waste time when I have it. Basically, when I'm bored I come here.
Sirgh: What about XBox?
Me: Even that gets boring. I did just get Live though.
Sirgh: Sounds fun!
Me: Yes it was! But my butt gets whipped pretty easily on Call of Duty...
Sirgh: Aww dude cheer up! You still have Pokemon, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bro, and a lot of other fun stuff! Heck you still have your N64!
Me: You do have a point.
Sirgh: Right! See? You're feeling better already!
Me: You're right. I'm feeling much better now! But I'm still a little down...
Sirgh: Then go watch some anime now dude cuz you're bumming me out.
Me: Anime. My really life behind the screen is all about anime.
Sirgh: That's the spirit! Go watch some Dog days or Fariy Tail. Heck, go re watch Heaven's Lost Property. That one is your favorite.
Me: Yes you're right. I will! Be right back!
Sirgh: That should keep him busy until next week.
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And the experiment labs must be the other way...
You can't beat anime. Just give up. Anime is awesome.
Finished my first ever Smash Bros tournament yesterday. I got in 13th place. Out 50 or so.
Not bad. Not bad.
  • July 3, 2015
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Tornado Turbulence is online.
Good job and congrats!
  • July 3, 2015
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Apple Tarty
Happy Birthday Sirgh!!!

Boku no Pico. Couldn't even watch one episode of that.
And they might bring him back!
Regular Pit. I like the better control of his arrow. Helps with adding damage.
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