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Lives in  California United States · Born on February 25, 1998
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Political spectrum: Hard right Conservative
Favorite Assault Rifle: AN-94
Favorite Aircraft: PAK-FA Su-50
Favorite WW2 Tank(s): T-34/85 and Tiger II
Favorite First Generation tanks: T-55 and Centurion
Favorite Second Generation tanks: Leopard 1 and Chieftain
Favorite Third Generation tanks: Leopard 2, Challenger 2 and T-90
Favorite Third Advanced generation tanks: K2 Black Panther, Leopard 2 Revolution and Merkava 4
Favorite Forth generation tank: T-14 Armata
Favorite SMG: PPsh-41
Handgun: Mars Automatic, Kolibri
Sniper Rifle: Mosin–Nagant M91/30
Shotgun: KSG-12
Sexuality: Hetero
Faith: Evangelical Christian
Historical Hero: King Albert I of Belgium

Favorite Bible Verses: John 15:18-20, Mark 3:23-29, Romans 8:35-39, Psalms 139:7-12, Philippians 2:5-11
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February 25, 1998
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June 23, 2014
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300, Black Hawk Down, The Lone Survivor, Passion of the Christ, Rambo, The Warrior's Way, Ninja Assassin, Stalingrad, Popeye, Godzilla, Star Wars, Middle Earth Saga
Video games: War Thunder, Command & Conquer, Battlefield, Fallout, Total War, Supreme Commander, Call of Duty (World at War Only), Shadow of Mordor.

TV: Apocalypse WW1, MLP:FIM, Popeye, World at War, WW2 in Color, and more

History: European, Asian WW2, WW1, Vietnam, Korea, Hundred Years War, Civil War, Napoleonic Wars, Medieval, Ancient times, Cold War and much much more.

Weapons: Tanks, Aircraft, Swords, Guns, Spears, Halbert, Maces, Flails, Nukes, High Explosives, Fuel Air Bomb, MOAB, FOAB, etc.
-Deathcore: Impending Doom
-Heavy Metal/Rock: Lamb of God, Kutless
-Christian Music (I just find it very beautiful): Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Matt Redman, and much more
-National Anthems of Nations: Soviet Union, USA, Greece, Israel, Great Britain, etc.
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Eternal Relationship with Jesus Christ