Spirits Nocab

Lives in Helena, Montana United States · Born on June 23, 1994
About Me
Spirits daily routine
-Stay up all night watching toradora
-Wake up
-Get online
-See something relating to Toradora
-"I should rewatch Toradora"

I mostly just hang around the site looking for posts relevant to me, might post something once in a while. Though I may not be insanely active, I'm almost always online, either playing games, or watching da animu (see below) I'm up for discussing anime or manga if ya feel like it, or if ya want something new to watch (Trust me, I've always seen something you haven't) And I might play games with ya, as long as it's steam. I play both Xbox and Steam, but I tend to only play xbox with closer friends.

Feel free to add me though!
Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/kbtch77/
Xbox - PurplePonySauce

What I'm always playing
-Counter Strike; Global Offence (pc)
-TF2 (pc)
-L4D2 (pc)
-Dark Souls 1/2 (xbox)
-CoD Black Ops 2/Ghosts (xbox)
-Halo 4 (xbox)
-Boarderlands 2 (xbox/pc)
-GoW 3 (xbox)
-Payday 2 (xbox)

Spirits top 10 anime every weeb should watch
1. Cowboy Bebop
2. Toradora
3. Angel Beats
4. Gosick
5. 5cm per second
6. My teen Romantic Comdey SNAFU
7. The Daily Lifes of Highschool Boys
8. Anohana
9. Guilty Crown
10. K

We'll leave out the obvious 2 *cough*GurrenLagann*cough*Evangelion*cough*

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i dont fucking believe it you are here. its chair kanadian do u remember me
Spirits Nocab
Spirits Nocab
Spirits Nocab
Despite being sick to the point of vomiting, I somehow have a craving for every type of food.
Spirits Nocab
Spirits Nocab
Stop eren das gay
Spirits Nocab
Spirits Nocab
I enjoy all of them because, MEH exclusives.
Spirits Nocab
Straight and reserved for Goddess Nonon.
Spirits Nocab
I can't tell if you actually like the game or not.

I can't sarcasm anymore.
Spirits Nocab
New season of Always Sunny on netflix.
Welp, I know what I'm doing tonight.
Spirits Nocab
The best game EA has ever made.
Spirits Nocab
Probably considering how much you've been playing Evil Within. Your chopped lotsa things in that game.
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