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Lives in Topeka, Kansas United States · Born on March 2, 1993
About Me
i don't want any trouble so if you seek it then just leave me alone please


about me

Yea yea,i am trouble horrible person which is what you'll hear from most people including your friends who refuse to want to get to know the real me because there friends freaken hate me for some odd reason.

but if you want to know me i mean the real me then sit tight and read this and you'll know a lot more then some othere people.

I was born on the 2nd of march 1993, i never knew my real mother whom i am told had bipolor disorder. I was mostly raised by my father for most of my life and i lived with him and his parents for a time in the town of memphise in the state of TN, However when my grandfather died me and my father moved and during this time i can't remember much besides that i was in and out of schools a lot.(mostly because i tend to act a little hipper active then most students and this caused problems for me at home and at school so yea and this is the time when teachers or the princeable can freaking spank you at school..) When i was about ten i was told by the docs that i had austism so..

yea they druged me and this caused more problems for me because it will make me see things that aren't there and just run out of the room,finally my dad being the good father he was put a stop to me taking these fine fine pills that the docs gave me and it turns out i mellowed out.

in my time i had step mothers and very one abusive step mom whom i resfuse to go into detail here but if you wish to know about this dark past in my life simply inquire it goes along with before i was ten life story in the above, however i do have one step mother who i love deeply so thats a plus.

soo what did this experince do for me?

it made me harder and stronger as for the fact i had serous obiticules to overcome but i mannaged, great now you know me, form your opion about me sense you now know the real me and not some guy that everyone says is a horrible person.

Iam half Prussian not German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxpPQZWwqq0&t=8s

Don't try your luck my heart is cold to love
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Nien there are no ponies.
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I guise its far to say i won't be a movie star
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Your right there trying to breed us out. :O
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If i die of bordem here is some instructions to bring me back.

Below my date put insert coin for good time

Build a coin solt into the tombstone

Makesure a tube runs down were you would insert coin into m...
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It's my face those Russians love wiskers.
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Prince  Carey
Prince  Carey
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I drew the entity known as chaos,whoever wants him can have him to draw and wright stories, he isn't like discord. His very presence corrupts everything at one point his presence turned the world into...
Prince  Carey
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Well, the line of secession has give way to the very 1st black woman empress of Britannia.
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Could be something else then, put ice on it swelling should go down
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