Motor (Demon)

Lives in Pulaski, Tennessee United States · Born on February 3, 1994
About Me
Name: Motor
Sex: Mare
Age: Twenty
Kind: Anthro
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Dark Pink
Sexuality: Bisexual

Hi! I'm Motor. Just a friendly Demon roaming this site,looking for people to Rp with. Anyways you probably wanna know about me. When I was just a little girl I was peaceful and not a Demon. I was the kid who always got picked on for dumb reasons. How I dressed,how I talked,then there was that on day. I snapped,as soon as I got out of school I went to Spell Keepers shop and I asked for a spell that would make people leave me alone,he had a sick and twisted grin on his face and performed and incomplete spell on me and it turned me into a Demon. I was mad but I had a burning sensation that made me insane. My friend took me to the Asylum when I was seventeen. I wasn't released until I was nineteen. The Doctors. They...Did things to me to force me to control my insanity for blood and murder,sometimes I can never hold it in and I change. A year later I searched for a job and I became a Thief. It was good pay and lots of fun. It contained my Demoness inside me. Sometimes she'd come out and we'd have a little fun. She liked doing bad things to people. I was merging with her and agreeing. As a late birthday present from her...She made me Bisexual. Honestly it was a blush moment for me when I found what she did.

Well,that's the end of my story. If you like to Rp with me I'd be happy to! Just Pm me and we can discuss what type and what kind of setting. Beware I could be picking your pockets right now...
(I wrote all of this on paper,proofread it,typed it then proofread it again......It was very exhausting XD....)

Extra Characters.

Sweetie :Female: Earth Pony

Phoenix :Female: Bat Pony

Mika :Female: Pegasus

David :Male: Bat Pony

Diane :Female: Changeling

Missy :Female: Earth Pony

Linus :Male: Pegasus

Shawn :Male: Changeling

Zeke :Male: Dragon

Mitch :Male: Dragon

Vix :Male: Feline (Brother of Vinn)

Alice :Female: Canine

Vinn :Male: Feline (Brother of Vix)

Alex :Male: Changeling

Jonn :Male: Raccoon

Aly :Female: Shark
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Jorge Esquivel
i think i killed Motor (Demon) guys.

please help
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Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
She prolly needs cpr
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