Firefly Lightstorm

Born on October 30, 2000
About Me
Hi, I am mango, I draw/animate garbage.
Im usually am found in the wild either starting a flame war or hiding under a bed somewhere.

Im sorry if I dont respond to a pm quickly, im most likely busy with something, but if you ever want to shoot me a pm or attempt to be my friend ill respond as soon as I can!

Deviantart: http://imaginary-mangoes.deviantart.com/
(if you want to see my art)

Tumblr: https://mango-at-the-disco-parade.tumblr.com/
(not active)

Discord: Lightstorm#0467
(im far more active on discord if you want to dm me there)

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October 30, 2000
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August 15, 2017
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May 5, 2014
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