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Team Rocket Sting:
Sting was a poor Changeling whos Mother had to scrap every penny so that they could eat. Sting didnt have that many friends but one day in Pallet Town a Teen named Red gave Sting an egg telling him that it was a special pokemon and it should hatch in a few days on his Birth day. Sting knew that Red was the region Champion and he had collected every pokemon on the Dex. So why would this man give him a pokemon? He shrugged and hugged the egg knowing he would have a partner and be able to explore this world no longer needing to burden his family. On the day of his 10th Birthday the egg did hatch and from that egg was a golden Vulpix. His first pokemon and it was a Shiny! over come with Joy he named this Tiny Female Vulpix, Hinata because he loved the name. Sting and Hinata were an unstoppable Team. At the age of 11 Sting had evolved his Hinata into a Ninetails and were given an option that could make it so his family would never starve again. Sting was offered a job as a team Rocket Grunt. Sting had taken the job being the youngest Rocket member in history. Years go by Sting had worked his way into the top of the A+ rank of Team Rocket. His tactics are strange and unique using his own power and body to take down even the most powerful of pokemon.Sting and his Team have never failed after becoming A rank pokemon Hunter.Sting was a small Bright red Changeling-Subspecies called a Stingling. they are named this after there long scorpion-like tail and use of venom's that can cause 3 different side effects on non changelings. The venom's can cause different effects based on there colors.

Mlp Sting:
Sting was apart of a small family of 3 himself, his twin Bison and there Mother the Queen named Mirage. but Sting was different then the 2 because all Stinglings besides him were a Sandish yellow to blend in with there environment. but Sting was different, an outcast of his own kind.

Special talents

Sting is known as a very fast learner all he needs is to see something done once and he can copy it perfectly, he also has compasson for other living things and a deep interest in learning about there lives. Also because of his unique talent he can also learn spells and likes to use them to empress others, he got that from watching Trixie. (so sad)

sting once found a small group of ponies near his home , he crept up behind a yellow pagisi named Fluttershy and before he could scare her she turned around and greeted the weird looking Changeling not knowing what he was because of his looks but was soon interested in him because he was a wonderful new creature she had never seen before. This confused Sting as he was never met with his kind of Kindness before and soon started to fallow her. This was bad because he started getting feelings for her that she couldn't give back so by they time he was able to tell her , she was speechless and so shy he took it as a rejection so with tears in his eyes he ran out of her cottage and into the forest. Now after having his heart broken something magical happened, he got his cutie-mark. with all this confusen about what hes doing and what he is he starts driving out all the animals in the Everfree. but soon after he was alone he seen what he had feared his whole life, he had become the monster everypony treated him as.

Venom colors
Red can cause the victim to turn into another changeling for 3 days if they don't feed on love/hate/ and or sadness.

Purple a spray will cause the victim to be on an acid-like drug trip making them vulnerable for about 2 hours.

Pink if the pink one is ingested it will cause the one who drunk it to fall in love with the first person they see.

RP buddies
Doctor Melody, iam her companion
Night Dash. shes fun.

my OC
Silver Dice. a young male white pegisi with strange powers.
Sasori a new kind of changlings that feed off of hate and anger. ( first one of his kind)
Star Shine a teen unicorn mare that loves the night.
Miss Silence. a vampire griffin . she has no fangs but part of her beak are pointed like fangs.
SnowClaw or Snow, a soda griffin. modled after Gilda she is selfish grumpy and is filled with 3 litters of Coca-cola.
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