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Lives in St. Albans, Vermont United States · 19 years old
About Me
Steam: moonsteel1
About Me: 19 Year Old living in Vermont, USA. The religion I follow (Majorly) is Wicca. I love RPing, LARPing, playing Dungeons & Dragons, etc... I'm happy to help my friends, or anyone, with their problems. I can be a bit eccentric. Shoot me a message if you wanna chat, RP, or just have a question! Blessed Be!~
About Moon: (I'm Not Putting his Personality because it changes to fit the RP. I only use this back-story if needed.) Moon is a unicorn mountain king, with a kingdom that spans most of the Crystal Mountains. He was hired by Princess Luna and Princess Sunbutt to guard the north from any invasions. His only special ability is being a veteran leader surrounded by many talented companions, though he is highly trained with axes, spears, crossbows, he is also quite proficient at making potions, especially ones that go boom. Sexually, he tends to enjoy stallions a bit more but both genders are fair game to this mountain king. While he swears allegiance to both Princesses, His allegiance truly stands with the true dark queen of Equestria.

He's a bi-sexual mercenary king with many companions in the crystal mountains hired to protect Equestria but secretly wishes to see it under new management.

Moon Muffins = Muffins Colored Grey with Grey Food Dye, then filled with any type of Frosting.
Main RP OCs:
Ashmore-Female-Draconian-Draconian Assassin-Loves Well Cooked Food Like A Lot, Can spit acid.

Verioth-Draconian-Female-First Mate (Ashmore's ship)-Crossbow Master.


Murdock-Male-Owl-Message Carrier-Moon's Pet.

Captain Darkclaws-Male-Griffin-Captain of Moon's small griffin regiment-N/A

Attor-Male-Grey Dragon-Being a Dragon-Can Breath Poisonous Gas.

Judith Frost-Female-Alicorn Vampony-Being a Vampire-N/A

Moongleam-Female-Vampony Reindeer-Being a Seductive Vampire-N/A

Moon Ember-Female-Vampony Unicorn-N/A-Moonsteel's Sister.

Feathered Arrow-Female-Unicorn-Archer(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Solar Lulamoon-Female-Unicorn-Entertainer(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Lotus Pedal-Female-Unicorn-Nurse(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Aegis-Male-Unicorn-Guard (Moon's Potion Room)-He Old and Badass o3o

Aerith-Female-Unicorn-Psychopath(Stalking Moon's Castle)-N/A

Cherry Leaf-Female-Unicorn-Nurse Assistant(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Eldrid-Female-Unicorn-Mercenary Mage(Moon's Castle)-Likes Fire a Lot.

Goldmist-Female-Unicorn-Miner(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Minty Treats-Female-Unicorn-Cook(Moon's Castle)-Makes Awesome Minty Treats.

Moonfrost-Female-Unicorn-Knight(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Silver Spear-Female-Unicorn-Royal Guard Captain(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Velvet-Female-Unicorn-Rich Dominatrix(Moon's Castle, Roaming)-There is No Saying No to her :I

Winter Sweets-Female-Unicorn-Candy Shop Owner-N/A

Amble Terra-Male-Earth-Miner(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Drest-Male-Earth-Guard(Moon's Castle)-Viking Kinda Pony!

Flower Pedal-Female-Earth-Maid/Servant(Moon's Castle)-Big Booty.

Fluffy Bolt-Male-Earth-Servant(Moon's Castle)-Mainly ERP.

Holly-Female-Earth or Unicorn-Nurse(Moon's Castle)-Awesome.

Lawful Inkwell-Male-Pegasus-Diplomat-N/A

Backup RP OCs:
(Other Species)

Silver Quill-Female-Griffin-N/A-N/A

Star Doom-Female-Unicorn Batpony-Assassin-Nickname's "Little Fang", Hunts down Solars on her free time.

Midnight Wrath-Female-Demon Pony-N/A-Has evil split personality at night, hence the name.

Eris Swifthorn-Female-Alicorn-N/A-Has powers similar to Discord.

Princess Fun Blossom-Female-Alicorn-N/A-Changed her name to the current one.

Astral Jackpot-Female-Alicorn-N/A-N/A

Divine Locket-Female-Alicorn-N/A-N/A

Glacial Star-Male-Alicorn-N/A-N/A


Bubble Wish-Female-(I Don't Even Know)-N/A-N/A

Deleth-Male-Dragon Pony-Bandit-N/A

Ebon Gnaw-Male-Griffin-Grey Talon Mercenary-N/A

Fritz-Male-Griffin-Grey Talon Mercenary Thundergunner-N/A

Sophie-Female-Long Leg-Tribal Gatherer-N/A

Theresa-Female-Long Leg-Tribal Hunter-N/A


Lemi-Female-Long Leg-Tribal Leader-N/A

Moonlit Star-Female-Dragon Pony-Bandit-N/A

Snow Hex-Male-Reindeer-Librarian(Moon's Castle)-N/A

Snowy Dagger and Omega-Female-Wolf Anthro and Wolf-Thief/Bandit-N/A

Sparkling Gambit-Female-Reindeer-Gambler-N/A

Techie Shadow-Female-Wolf Anthro-Thief/Bandit-N/A

Glow-Female-Unicorn-Mediocre Assassin-Very bright and colorful for an assassin.

Lazelette Hex-Female-Unicorn-Warlock Hermit-Named after the mineral Lazulite.

Teal Order-Female-Unicorn-Scientist-N/A

Sweet Fang-Female-Vampony Unicorn-Shop Keeper-N/A


Gothic Ire-Female-Unicorn-Being a Depressed Lil MLEH >:I-N/A

Plumeria Lily-Female-Unicorn-N/A-N/A

Midnight Sun-Female-Unicorn-Mercenary Mage-N/A

Pearl Tulip-Female-Unicorn-N/A-N/A

Fluffy Heart-Female-Unicorn-N/A-N/A

Stylish Daisy-Female-Unicorn-N/A-N/A


Autumn Rhythm-Female-Unicorn-Musician-N/A

Hern-Male-Unicorn-Game Hunter-N/A

Book Mark-Female-Unicorn-Finder of Lost Relics-N/A


Captain Yvette-Female-Unicorn-Pirate(Sea Devils)-N/A

Carmilla-Futa-Unicorn-N/A-She Got A Dick o3o

Celestial Moonlight-Female-Unicorn-N/A-N/A

Chef Davy Spoons-Male-Unicorn-Pirate Cook(Ice Wind Pirates)-N/A

Commandant Cupcakes-Male-Unicorn-Commandant-Kinda Insane

Sea Moon-Female-Unicorn-Merchant Ship Captain-N/A



Lana Wood-Female-Unicorn Vampony-Traveling Vampire-N/A


Lolani-Female-Unicorn-Engineer-Metal Wings

Magical Octave-Female-Unicorn-N/A-N/A

Midnight Fang-Female-Unicorn Vampony-Another Vampire-N/a


Solar Snowflake-Female-Unicorn-N/A-N/A

Strawberry Mist-Female-Unicorn-N/A-N/A

(Earth Ponies)
Ulla the Brute-Female-Earth-Bandit Leader-Chubby Mare, Uses steel horns to fight mainly.

Gloomy Ore-Female-Earth-N/A-N/A

Rusted Rose-Female-Earth-Prostitute-N/A



Cosmic Notes-Female-Earth-Musician-N/A





Lilac-Female-Earth-Flower Shop Owner-N/A


Mint Kiss-Male-Earth-N/A-Mainly ERP


Punpkinelle-Female-Earth-Pumpkin Farmer-N/A

Rightfull Order-Female-Earth-Servant(Lana Woods')-Thrall.

Willow-Female-Earth-Hippie-I Like Willows o3o


Teal CloudDancer-Female-Pegasus-N/A-N/A

Lightning Sun-Female-Pegasus-N/A-N/A

Cloud Blur-Male-Pegasus-Racer-N/A

Cotten Candy Swirl-Male-Pegasus-Candy Store Employee-N/A

Lightning Swift-Male-Pegasus-N/A-N/A

Mischa-Female-Pegasus-Rich Mare-N/A


Spin Star-Female-Pegasus-Racer-N/A

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Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Current collection of blades.
Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
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Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Current collection of blades.
  • August 1, 2017
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Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Sure you could, just tell your sergeant or whatever Vermont has great shooting ranges to practice at! And the best damn maple syrup around!
Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Have fun man! try to stop down in Vermont if you want some real fun ;3
Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Nice dude
Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
shoot them
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Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Oi wot u want guv?
  • June 30, 2017
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I want you to get in ere and fuck me Jerry!
  • June 30, 2017
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Your guna git the td
  • June 30, 2017
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Awww yeaaaahhh.
  • June 30, 2017
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Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Wooo tiny dicks!
  • June 30, 2017
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Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Moonsteel The Paragon of  is online.
Oh god no, I wish lol xD I'm attempting to make a forge but my town has terribly restrictive laws.
I just bought those pieces.
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