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Iron Gaze

hey...my name's Iron Gaze but please call me Iron. i'm just a pegasus that was raised by myself in the everfree forest. i tend to be called the forests guardian, the reason for this is because i have protected many of those who have found themselves lost, abandoned or being attacked within the forest. but really i'm just an assassin for the fair princess luna, who discovered me when out on a walk through the forest and coincidentally got lost and into a spot of bother. i've always been there for luna since the time before she was sent to the moon by celestia, her sister. I have witnessed many extraordinary things in my life from the very first time the elements were used to defeat discord, i wasn't working for luna at that point, to the defeat of tirek. it's been great seeing all those happy cheerful ponies around equestria, wanting to give me gifts for what i have been doing in order to help out in equestria. this is all for now.

Thunder wing

h..hey my n..name is thunder wing.... i get kinda shy when i meet n..new ponies but i'll s..soon warm up to you.. h..honest. i..i don't really know what to s..say about myself other than i..i am a hippogriff, t..that means i'm part pony and p..part griffon. i..i don't really have many friends a..as i'm n..not very social... if y..you want to talk just ask for thunder.. i..i'll talk to you soon.... eeeppp

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feel free to add me on Xbox, if you do send me a message saying who you are
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