Lovingly Gaslight™ the Paragon of Logicality

Lives in United Kingdom · Born on July 23, 1999
About Me
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Gaslight, Lovingly Gaslight
Age: Unknown (Presumed late teens)
Occupation: Maid Cafe

One day, a homeless man whom was searching rubbish bins for food found himself upon a large rectangular wooden box, the paint of which had clearly been worn away by a mixture of time and what appeared to be scorch marks (Fresh ones too). The homeless man opened the box to find a person laying motionless inside, clothed in burnt rags. Being an honest and helpful man, the homeless man dragged the Box person's body toward a nearby doctor's house.The doctor concluded that the Damage to their head was not fatal, but instead resulted in amnesia, Waking up on a hospital bed with nothing but dumb luck, the first thing on their agenda was to find out who they were, and who they're supposed to be, and so stole a nearby Nurse's Outfit and took to the streets to find out more about themself. After a while they felt very at home in the nurses outfit despite the fact they couldn't find anything about their past, and so they decided that ment they should just flippantly say "Fuck it" and decided to take on the name "Gaslight" after the nametag on the nurse's uniform. It was then, that a careless business owner, named Airashi, ran into Gaslight and uncovered the disguise, Gaslight was very flustered but Aira saw inspiration in them and asked Gaslight to work in their Maid Cafe. Gaslight accepted and works there every night as a means to repay her for keeping their secret. They were since dubbed "Lovingly Gaslight" due to their caring personality.

Tumblr: LovinglyGaslight
Discord: Love-Chan~
YouTube: (Coming Soon)
Deviantart: LovinglyGaslight
Amino: LovinglyGaslight
More to come!









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