AquaMarie Netal WolfGrove

Lives in  California United States · Born on January 30, 1900
About Me
Hi there my names AquaMarie Netal WolfGrove but you can just call me AquaMarie...or Aqua Smile 2. I am a young mare alicorn. I have Dark brown eyes, im Light Royal Blue with lighter white off royal blue markings on my hooves. Dark brown poofy slightly curly mane and tail. Lighter white off royal blue freckles my muzzle and my cheeks. I have no cutie normal height and slightly on the chubby side. Very soft and fluffy fur and my wings are poofy and soft like baby owl wings, which dose not make me the best or the most fastest flier.
I live in Ponyville now at the edge of Everfree Forest, also im a student at Equestria University. OH! and know I own a small shop I just opened “Little Blue Boutique”. Its were I make all kinds of hoof made items and were I personalize things for ponies too. I also helps out my now fiancé Wind Dasher around our small ranch tending to the animals and other things that have to be done around our home.
Before living in Ponyvill I lived way ways aways from Equestria. I was born and grew up in a small town of Willowmoss, West of Equestria and just North of the Tapirus Republic. Their I lived in my family’s Ranch with my parents and little brother. This is where I also meet one of my most best of friends and now fiancé ./////. Wind Dasher when we were small foals. Then later on I moved to Equestria when I was accepted into the University. Later on moving to Ponyville with Dasher to the countryside home of their own.

Other things about me...I guess im good with animals I can understand them, I have some Art skills, and a small knowledge of spells...all kinds though not the best or strong spells but hey the ones I know come in very handy. I guess personality wise...I am very kind, caring and nurturing pony, who will help anyone who needs my help no matter who they are. Can easily get curious, distracted and amused with new things or if bored. Like to make new friends and have fun. I can be very quiet and mainly keeps to myelf and around new ponies, though my true self shows once you get to know me. Also I also joy exploring new places and going on adventures(which me and Dashie always do, we go everywere when ever we get the chance). Love to read, draw, paint, built little things and play video games too!, watch movies, the outdoors, love food and sweets and well relaxing at home too.
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